GRT 50÷360

Heat recovery unit from 500 to 3.600 m³/h with integrated heat pump

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The new GRT ventilation units dedicated to air exchange (with possible air flow rate variation) and its thermal treatment (with supply temperature control in the rooms) have been designed and developed to reconcile multiple needs typical of both residential and commercial applications:
• Air renewal, with possible calibration and flow rate variation through the on-board electronics, both manually and automatically (from air quality sensor).
• Energy saving, achieved through a high-efficiency static heat recovery unit (> 70%), EC fans and compressor with Inverter.
• Constant, continuous and efficient adaptation to the thermal loads associated with fresh air, thanks to a heat pump refrigerant circuit equipped with a variable-capacity compressor and main components managed by on-board electronics.
The units in the GRT range recover air in the rooms to be treated. They recover 70% of the expelled air to supplement an existing heating and cooling system. The internal loads of the intake air are neutralised thanks to the integration of the modulating refrigerant circuit.


  • GRT - Base unit


  • Reversible Heat Pump.
  • Supporting frame in RAL 9002 pre-painted galvanised sheet metal.
  • Double-shell closing panels 20 mm thick, in RAL 9002 pre-painted galvanised sheet metal on the outside and galvanised on the inside; hinged at the bottom to easily access internal components.
  • Non-flammable thermal-acoustic insulation in mineral wool.
  • Compact 96 mm thick filters with synthetic/glass fibre media in 3 non-interlaced layers. On external air intake, ePM1 50% efficiency element, on ambient air intake, ePM2,5 50% efficiency element;
  • removable from the bottom or the side.
  • Double inlet supply and intake forward-curved radial electric fans equipped with EC motors and integrated control electronics.
  • High-efficiency static heat recovery unit of the cross-flow air-to-air type with aluminium exchange plates equipped with additional sealing; lower condensate collection tank, extended to the whole heat treatment area.
  • DC Inverter Rotary compressor with Brushless DC motor.
  • Cooling circuit made of copper pipes. It includes the following components: electronic thermostatic expansion valve; evaporating coil; condensing coil; filter drier; liquid and humidity indicator; high pressure gauge; 4-way reversing valve; liquid receiver; safety valves.
  • Internal electrical board for the management of all power controls.

Factory fitted accessories

  • FTF9 Plate filters efficiency F9 ePM1 85% - Second stage
  • A9 Outdoor air return 90°
  • R9 Room air return 90°
  • E9 Air expulsion 90°
  • M9 Air intake 90°
  • SK Adjustment damper
  • SM Servo-motor for damper
  • GA Anti-vibrating joint
  • EHP Supplementary electrical heater-PRE
  • EHR Supplementary electrical heater-POST
  • PF Differential pressure switch filters control

Loose accessories

  • CRT Touch screen remote control panel
  • ZV Support base kit
  • KBP Kit for external by-pass
  • WF Water cooling / heating section
  • SQO Air quality sensor (CO2)
  • KSA Sanitization module with UVC plasma and antivirus
  • CFA External hood with mesh
  • TT Roof covering
Air flowNominalm³/h500130024003600
Sound pressureSound pressure (1)dB(A)70778082
Electrical characteristicsPower supplyV/Ph/Hz230/1/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50
Heat Recovery in winterRecovery efficiency (2)%70,271,072,372,1
Recovery capacity (2)kW2,927,6714,4321,57
COP net (2)6,66,06,16,2
Total transferred powerRecovery efficiency (3)%60,360,962,161,8
Recovery capacity (3)kW0,571,502,824,22
EER net (3)4,13,23,23,6
Electrical HeaterPowerkW1,52,55,07,0
Power supplyV/Ph/Hz230/1/50-60400/3/50-60400/3/50-60400/3/50-60
WeightsTransport weightkg180256302455
Operating weightkg165240275425




  • 1 Circuito aria esterna/immissione ad 1 m dall'unità.
  • 2 At nominal flow rate: outdoor air at - 5 °C 80% RH, ambient air at 20 °C 50% RH.
  • 3 At nominal flow rate: outdoor air at 32 °C 90% RH, ambient air at 26 °C 50% RH.