36 customizable models with airflow from 1.000 to 112.000 m3/h.
Any design is possible with CTA: one or two levels, side by side, with special dimensions or shapes, or with fully independent sections for air inlet / recirculation.
A wide choice of sections, with several technologies and performance levels, is available. Ventilation, Heat Recovery, Cooling/Heating, Filtration, Humidification, Silencing.
Units are available with different power supply, voltage and frequency (50/60 Hz).


  • Steel base and aluminium frame.
  • Structure also available with thermal break profiles and with smooth interiors for sanitary applications (Thermal Break and Sanix configurations).
  • Double skin sandwich side panels with 25-46-50-63 mm thickness (on different profiles).
  • 25 and 50 mm panels are fixed with exclusive SNAP-IN system (screwfree) ensuring even pressure on the casing for excellent air tightness.
  • Aluminium dampers with aerodynamic profile.
  • Dedicated gaskets for excellent tightness and integrated gear for higher protection.
  • Motorisable dampers.
  • Integrated Electronic Control available.
  • Leakproof to ensure optimum air treatment.
  • Free-Cooling, on special conditions of external and internal air temperature, it ensures the air treatment with maximum energy efficiency.
  • Easy maintenance. Easy removal of all components and full access to all sections for cleaning for cleaning and replacement.