GRS 45÷340

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Ventilation unit designed and manufactured for non-residential applications, it allows combining the need for air renewal with energy-saving and maximum flexibility and versatility of installation, thanks to the 90° adjustable air inlets with the movement of the closing panels. Equipped with a heat recovery unit in aluminium plates, fans with EC motors and integrated motorised by-pass system for free-cooling operation. The series, equipped with an easy kit for vertical installation, is divided into seven sizes, for air flow rates ranging from 450 to 3,500 m³/h.


  • GRS/DX - Right configuration
  • GRS/SX - Left configuration


  • The structure is made with 22 mm thick insulated panels in galvanised sheet metal on the inside and RAL 9002 pre-painted finish on the outside, internally insulated with non-flammable mineral wool thermal-acoustic insulation.
  • Compact filters with synthetic media (external layer) and glass fibre media (internal layer) and galvanised steel frame, in the efficiency class ePM10 50% on the ambient air intake and ePM1 50% on the outdoor air intake, removable on the bottom. Each filtering station is already equipped with a control pressure switch wired on board and suitable to house two filters in sequence.
  • EC Inverter Plug-Fans.
  • High-efficiency static heat recovery unit of the air-to-air type with counterflow with aluminium exchange plates equipped with additional sealing, integrated with a by-pass system already motorised for free-cooling operation; condensate collection tank in aluminium, with 1/2" F double bottom drain.
  • Pre-heating electrical heater predisposition.
  • Post-heating electrical heater or water coil predisposition.
  • Electrical board built-in in the unit with electronic adjustment and remote user interface for complete control of all features: ventilation and temperature control, filter status monitoring, weekly programming, defrost and antifreeze management, fire alarm management and Modbus interface.

Принадлежности, установленные на заводе

  • FTF9 Фильтры для планов эффективности F9 и PM1 85% - Второй этап
  • PF4 Внешний черновой воздушный фильтр
  • BCC Сопло для циркуляционных каналов
  • SK Регулирующая задвижка
  • GA Антивибрационная муфта
  • AT Устройство автоматического поддержания расхода воздуха
  • WB Батарея водного охлаждения/нагрева
  • EHP Электрическое сопротивление при интеграции-ПРЕД
  • EHR Электрическое сопротивление при интеграции-ПОСТ

Принадлежности, поставка отдельно

  • CRT Выносная сенсорная панель управления
  • KTV Комплект преобразования для вертикальной установки
  • SQO Датчик качества воздуха (Co2)
  • KSA Модуль дезинфекции УФС плазма и антивирус
  • V33 Модулирующий 3-ходовый клапан с сервоуправлением
Электрические характеристикиСеть питанияV/Ph/Hz230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50
Макс. рабочий токA2,82,96,06,06,73,43,5
Теплопроиз-ть (1)kW2,854,987,8610,3811,9816,7921,08
Расход воды (2)l/s37566511201475169523752770
МассаТранспортный весkg103129202227232302339
Рабочий весkg90115185210215275310




  • 1 Alla portata nominale: aria in ingresso a 15° C, acqua in/out a 45°/40° C
  • 2 Alla portata nominale: aria in ingresso a 28° C 60% UR, acqua in/out a 7°/12° C