Who we are

With its long-standing experience and structured organisation, NOVAIR is the Air Quality specialist within the G.I. HOLDING Group.

It offers a complete and integrated range of units for air ventilation and handling for residential and industrial applications. Air Handling Units and Terminal Units: all units can be customised and are designed to provide maximum comfort with the highest energy efficiency. In order to guarantee the best to our Customers, we develop their projects in collaboration with expert project managers specialised in the air handling and ventilation sectors, qualified technicians for the assembly and commissioning of the machines and selected suppliers for a total reliability of the components.

In the residential sector, NOVAIR products stand out for the primary importance attributed to customers’ needs, focusing on quality of materials and commercial-technical support to obtain the best compromise between functionality and adaptation to the technical spaces. In developing the product, from the start, the utmost attention is paid to meeting specific requirements such as quiet operation, precise control of humidity and temperature levels and the possibility of effectively meeting the workload of multi-user systems for large commercial and management areas.

NOVAIR particularly addresses the industrial and production sectors, employing all available resources to design operating units that ensure extreme reliability, for easy maintenance, durability and flexibility for specific applications, above all in those sectors where control of air quality and sterile, pure conditions (e.g. the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors) are fundamental for guaranteeing high production and quality standards.


The G.I. HOLDING headquarters are located in a new facility in Latisana (UD) (Italy). It boasts a 1,500 m² showroom with a display of units manufactured at all the Group’s plants and the Cooling Academy: a training centre equipped for technical coaching of consultants, business professionals, engineers and designers, with rooms for unit function simulation.

The G.I. HOLDING Group network includes the G.I. INDUSTRIAL HOLDING company with its 4 manufacturing plants (Latisana, Ronchis and Rivignano Teor in Italy and Biatorbágy in Hungary - GIMEK Zrt), the G.I. INDUSTRIAL ASIA HOLDING Sdn Bhd manufacturing and trading company based in Malaysia and the G.I. MIDDLE EAST Fze trading company based in United Arab Emirates.

The Latisana facility hosts a newly built manufacturing plant dedicated to small and medium liquid Chillers and Heat Pumps and the Sales & Marketing Departments.

In addition to the large liquid Chillers and Heat Pumps production plant, Rivignano Teor (UD) (Italy) is also home to the newly established Climatic Chamber that allows the company to perform witness tests in the presence of customers to prove the perfect functionality and performance of its units in a huge variety of operating conditions. This allows a wide array of tests to be carried out in an outdoor air temperature of -20°C to + 50°C.

The Packaged Rooftop and Close Control Units manufacturing plant is located in Ronchis (UD) (Italy).

In Biatorbágy, Hungary there is a manufacturing plant for Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units and Air Handling Terminal Units.

The International markets are supported by 4 sales offices based in Italy, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia and a network of over 70 worldwide distributors.

On the Italian market, the Group, with its network of 30 Dealerships and 45 Technical Service Centres, supports the customer in every pre-and post-sales phase: from the customised study of installations to the selection of the best units to meet specific requirements, from support during start-up to technical post-sales assistance.


Total quality

Total Quality is the philosophy of all our activities, monitoring all phases in product life cycle from its development to supply, assembly and service. The whole production process is subject to thorough checks and controls, both in the final and intermediate phases. Each unit must undergo strict testing, simulating even the most demanding operating conditions at the Customer’s site. Pressure, temperature, sound level, vibrations: everything is checked to ensure it complies with the set parameters.

The Service Network, relying on highly skilled professionals, is available to carry out unit start-up at the Customer’s premises to ensure flawless unit function. Our Quality Mission is to capture expectations, preferences and aversions from the “Customer’s Voice”. Both qualitative and quantitative research is conducted at the beginning of any new product, process, or service design initiative in order to better understand the Customer’s wants and needs.

Customer focus

NOVAIR offers targeted, customized answers to highly specific needs, especially for large installations.

Engineering & Service Support.

Highly skilled sales engineering support allows NOVAIR to work out the best solution for any specific need jointly with the Customer and offer solutions fully tailored. A complete nationwide service network provides support for startups and assures rapid response if problems arise.

Fast reaction.

A highly flexible organization and a rapid decision-making process plus short manufacturing lead-time allow NOVAIR to react promptly to Customer requirements.



NOVAIR Air Handling Units are certified at the highest performance levels.

The EUROVENT certification on CTA units proves the reliability and correctness of the declared features and performance data. CTA units and all internal components comply with the ErP EcoDesign 2018 LOT6 Directive. Compliance of the CTA units to the UNI EN 1886 European Regulation on thermal and mechanical performance of the structure is also certified by EUROVENT. CTA units reach, in the THERMAL BREAK and SANIX configurations, T2 and TB2 classes for thermal performances of the casing: T2 for thermal transmittance and TB2 for thermal bridges. The L1, D1 and F9 classes guarantee excellent mechanical and leak resistance of the structure and filters with both positive pressures (+700 Pa, +2.800 inWG) and negative pressures (-400 Pa, -1.600 inWG). CTA units meet the requirements of UNI EN 13779 (air quality standard for Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems) and EN 779 / EN ISO16890 (performance of filters) standard. SANIX units are compliant with DIN 1946-4, VDI 6022, VDI 3803-1 and DIN EN 13053 standards for the treatment of air in health care buildings (tests performed by TUV laboratories). The units can be equipped with ATEX certified components (for potentially explosive atmospheres) upon request.